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Why We are Different

Being an IT company, apart from working with companies HIIT opened a training sector to train the youth and the citizen. Experienced IT experts working is helping to guide the students.

For many people computers are just tools to get things done. But HIIT thinks differently.

We all know that key to development of any sector for a company or an institution lies in their technological sector. Despite being of some different profession you can design, do digital marketing or be an IT expert. HIIT dreams to see you as that individual who won't just learn how to work for companies rather serve the country for its own development.

Not necessarily only the computer expert needs to know about IT, rather every individual should. Some of the generation will go on to become the leaders of our nation in many different roles—politicians, business executives, artisans, scientists, and journalists. Much like how we learn by doing, we lead by doing; that is, by practicing the art and science of our chosen paths.

Everyone has their own interest or uniqueness in IT sector. HIIT trains the students to bring out their own quality. Some might be expert in designing web templates, some in making applications, some in making robots and so on and so forth. HIIT wants you to think out of the box and bring out new ideas for the world to show.

Why Choose Us

Experts would be working using their creativity, keeping client's choice in the priority and making sure of the due times by which it should be submitted. HIIT comes here to teach students computer skills beyond fundamentals so that they can survive in the high-tech world.

What You Get

HIIT knows that our expert trainees will one day work at different sectors to move the nation forward. It does not only develop software or do designs for other companies but is educating the young students and the citizens to develop the country for the upcoming generations.

The Team HIIT

Our expert instructors makes authentic motivations towards learning, believes in training as the best use of technology, do not think the students as only the learners, rather different boxes full of creative ideas, which will pop out inventing more new ideas to expand this vast sector of IT World.


Meer Sohrabul Hossain

Managing Director

Introduction, Exploration, Presentation, everything paves the way to success when your notion hits accurately through technology. Welcome to HIIT.

Tanveer Taharat


Subconsciously people of all walks of life are coming under the Shadow of Technology, without which none can survive at one point. So we should know about its use. HIIT welcomes everybody.

Tazkeya Shaima Sohrab

Director, Mentor

Welcome to the world of innovation and technology.

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Syed Azmal Hossain


Akash Poddar



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